Medicus 5 Járn RH

14.900 kr.

  • Master the Perfect Swing by Your Self
  • Instantly Detects Swing Flaws
  • Improves Slices and Hooks
  • Improve Tempo, Swing Path and Plane
  • Learn to Swing on Path and Control Your Clubface to Start Hitting Consistent, On-Target Shots with the DualHinge Practice Clubs.

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Learn how to swing in tempo and on plane every time with the Medicus men’s dual-hinged 5 iron swing trainer. Owned by more than half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals, the Medicus is easy to use. Just set up in your living room or on the driving range and start swinging. If the patented dual-hinge mechanism “breaks,” you still have some work to do. But if you can swing the club without breaking it, you’ll know you’re swinging correctly. Not only does the club help eliminate your slice or hook, but it lets you hit longer, more accurate shots time after time. Plus, it improves all aspects of your swing, from your takeaway to your downswing to your follow-through. And the more you swing it, the more you’ll develop the muscle memory necessary to produce a perfect repeating swing regardless of your chosen club. The hinged clubline is the signature of Medicus since the first one was developed in the 1980’s. As technology has evolved so has the hinge and it is now better than ever. The Medicus DualHinge is the #1 swing diagnostic and training tool. Learn to swing on path and control your clubface to start hitting consistent, on-target shots with the DualHinge Practice Clubs.

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